Security Industry & Alarm Installers

We are specialist insurance brokers to...

  • Alarm installers
  • Fire Protection engineers
  • CCTV Engineers
  • Security Guards
  • Electrical Contractors

Covering installers the length and breadth of the UK

You protect your customers

Buckland Harvester can protect you, against...

  • Being sued for Inefficacy (see below)
  • Injury Damage
  • Wrongful dismissal
  • Incorrect advice
  • Damage, theft or loss of...
  • Stock
  • Tools
  • Buildings
  • Income
  • Contract Works
  • Vehicles
  • Keys
  • Key Staff!

Directors Accidents, Incapacity, Private Medical bills, Inland Revenue Investigation costs, Loss of Licence and virtually anything else you can think of.

And we are just a phone call (or email away).

Inefficacy (opposite of Efficacy) ‘not producing the desired effect’ (Oxford Online dictionary)

‘Ineffectiveness, inadequacy, futility, uselessness, unproductiveness, ineffectuality, non-success (Collins English Thesaurus)

‘Failure to perform’ (Buckland Harvester)

Whichever way you look at it, Buckland Harvester can protect you against any allegations of inefficacy.

We offer a unique and wide panel of specialist insurers accepted by NSI and SSAIB...


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"Buckland Harvester aims to provide professional, added value services to promote successful and profitable long term relationships with our clients. We always endeavour to treat our clients fairly in all we do."

David Hudson
- Managing Director