Scientific & Technology

What makes the team at Buckland Harvester qualified to advise businesses in the Science & Technology sector?

  • You do things that no one else does
  • You need very special protection
  • You need access to specialist insurers who understand the sort or protection that we will be looking to provide for you
  • You need attention to detail
  • And you need the right insurance for the right price

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Some interesting facts

  • Most hi tech business fail to protect their directors, staff, Intellectual Property or legal position, because their brokers are stuck in the 20th century.
  • Worldwide cover for Stock or Equipment is readily available.
  • e-trading, creates new problems with new solutions!
  • With trade (often) comes travel, with a variety of solutions...
  • Routine - Travel Quotation
  • And less routine - Kidnap Protection

We already deal in...

  • Nano Technology
  • Gas atomisers & vapour definition
  • Hi Voltage discharge
  • Bio Sciences
  • Automation & Process Engineering
  • Software, Programming and Encryption
  • Website design, hosting & service providers

And would like to add your sector or speciality to our growing portfolio.


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"Buckland Harvester aims to provide professional, added value services to promote successful and profitable long term relationships with our clients. We always endeavour to treat our clients fairly in all we do."

David Hudson
- Managing Director