Professional Indemnity

Adaptable and vital protection against a being sued from a multitude of diverse liabilities, including errors (or just alleged errors) in professional advice, free advice by charities, testing, design, intellectual property infringement, libel. These are examples, not an exhaustive list.

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Cover Extensions
Acquisition Extension
Provides automatic cover for firms you acquire up to certain pre-agreed limits on size and type of work undertaken.
Breach of Confidentiality
This provides cover for liability arising from unintended breach of confidentiality, whilst carrying out your professional duty.
Collateral Warranty Proviso
Extensions are available where required against parties where a liability is created. There is normally a limit regarding the number of times it has been assigned.
Compensation for Court Attendance
Cover is extended to cover your own costs, if called to be a witness in connection with a claim under your PI policy.
Costs in Addition
This can be a vital part of cover in the event of a significant claim. Without it, your limit of indemnity has to be enough to cover the amount awarded as well as costs on both sides.
Data Protection
Cover includes liability arising from alleged offences under the 1988 Act in the carrying out of your business.
Defence Costs Free of Excess
This can be useful if you decide to opt for a significant excess to keep the premium down. With this extension, you will not have to pay the excess if you successfully defend a claim.
Design & Build Wording
When you are providing design services and either go on to build, or outsource on a turnkey basis, ‘professional services’ is not a wide enough or appropriate wording. This can be made available on a ‘design & build contract.
Dishonest Acts of Employees
This is rather different from all other extensions, covering you against financial losses caused by employees. Cover is also available on separate policies.
Environmental (Pollution) Cover
Standard cover generally excludes all environmental liability. Some policies provide extremely limited cover. Cover can be provided on a comprehensive basis and must be considered either for those providing environmental services, or those providing services which might have an environmental impact (such as water treatment or design of pipework or processing plants).
Full Civil Wording
This is a more modern type of wording. Rather than just covering a duty of professional care (negligence based) it includes other civil liabilities (also known as torts) such as defamation.
Inadvertent (or Innocent) Non-Disclosure
This extension allows insurers to pay a claim, even though the policyholder has withheld information. It can only be allowed if this was done inadvertently, without the intent to deceive.
Infringement of Intellectual Property
This covers defence against infringement of copyright or trademark. Protecting your own IP is normally covered on a separate specialist type of policy.
This states the area in which you can be defended in a Court of Law (e,g, UK, UK & EU, Worldwide ex N. America or Worldwide).
Libel & Slander
This extension (automatically covered under most full ‘civil liability’ policies) covers being sued for libel or slander; generally arising out of media. Increasingly common (think Social Media).
Limit Any One Claim
When you select a limit of indemnity, it applies not only per claim, but for all claims in the 12 month period totalled up, unless arranged on an ‘any on claim’ (without an aggregate limit) basis.
Loss of Documents
A useful extension in itself as well as being a good damage limitation assist. This pays costs involved in restoring or replacing lost or damaged documents.
Physical Damage
Physical injury and physical damage are sometimes excluded absolutely, in the form of a blanket exclusion, or otherwise excluded unless arising out of advice, design, or omitting to perform a professional duty.
Physical Injury
Physical injury and physical damage are sometimes excluded absolutely, in the form of a blanket exclusion, or otherwise excluded unless arising out of advice, design, or omitting to perform a professional duty.
Project Managers
In addition to covering legal liability for your professional services (such as construction or consulting engineering), this extension can be vital in extending cover for any alleged errors in acting in the capacity of project manager.
Regulatory Awards
This provides an extension to allow for any final and binding Awards by the Financial Ombudsman.
Statutory Defence
This provides defence against Prosecution in areas such as CDM Regulations, Health and Safety and Corporate Manslaughter. Inner limits usually apply.
Sub Consultants
Cover extends to include work carried out by (unnamed) self employed persons carrying out work on your behalf.
Territorial Limits
Restricts the geographical areas in which cover is included. Almost as important is whether you have advised insurers as to all the areas in which you carry out business.
This is a separate type of cover rather than an extension. Cover for professional negligence for healthcare professionals, it covers actual or alleged act or omission that causes actual bodily injury or death to the patient. Learn more about Medical Malpractice.

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