Product Guarantee & Recall

This is a specialist field of cover, especially important for the following industries...

  • Food and drink
  • Electrical
  • Perfume, cosmetics and toiletries
  • Construction materials
  • Packaging
  • General engineering
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Toy makers
  • Automotive

This covers a range of areas of cover...

  1. Product Guarantee - Costs incurred due to the product failing to fulfil its intended function (removal, recovery, repair, alteration, treatment or replacement), regardless of legal liability.
  2. Financial Loss - Damages and costs arising from your customers (or third parties) financial loss, arising from the product failing to fulfil its intended function.
  3. Product Recall - Recall costs incurred due to a potential legal liability, or claim under sections 1 or 2 (above).
  4. Malicious Contamination - Recall costs due to accidental (optional) or malicious contamination of products, or alleged contamination.

A few pointers as to whether your risks are likely to be raised...

  • Do your products end up in supermarkets (they won’t ask your permission before recalling).
  • Are batches large or small (the larger the batch, the more the cost (all sections) of putting right.
  • Are your good sourced abroad; quality control and reliability is harder to ensure.

A quotation costs nothing and premiums can be tailored, by amending levels of cover and excess.


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