Manufacturers & Wholesale

We offer a whole range of special advice and covers in addition to our standard services for those involved in manufacture and supply.

Types of goods?

All types from Engineering to Chemicals. Toy bricks to real ones.

What makes us different?

We deal with...

  • More insurers
  • Get you the right package at the right price
  • Solve more problems, and importantly stop them happening in the first place

Has anyone asked if you...

  • Manufacture batches of more than 500 items?
  • Rely on a single piece of Equipment for Production process? (Even if it is a boiler)
  • Do you visit any of the following countries? India, Russia, USA, Brazil, Turkey, Iraq, Nigeria
  • Are you sure that you are not under insured (up to 70% of manufacturers are).
  • Does your products Liability exclude ‘Inefficacy’ (and does it matter).
  • Do you rely on any one supplier or customer?
  • What would happen if your Electricity supply stopped?
  • Do you have any ‘hold harmless’ agreements in force?
  • Do your Products all have full traceability?
  • Does your policy include a Bartoline Extension (Environmental Cleanup)?
  • Not only do we ask these questions, we have solutions to them all – often at no additional cost

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"Buckland Harvester aims to provide professional, added value services to promote successful and profitable long term relationships with our clients. We always endeavour to treat our clients fairly in all we do."

David Hudson
- Managing Director