Legal Expenses

More than any other phrase, this piece of jargon is likely to create confusion due to its vague nature; legal expenses for what…?

It is an area of cover that can be extremely useful in the right hands and is very overlooked. It is often ‘sold blind’. This means included without letting the client know that it is there and what it can be used for, until it is too late.


Employment Dispute Protection

This covers defence costs (which a business has less than one ½ of 1% chance of recovering if you win the case. Of course if you lose, then it’s even lower! It also covers Awards against you but is dependent on your following the advice of the legal helpline from day one to ensure that procedure is 100% in place.

More flexible covers are available if required.

Criminal Defence

This may sound unlikely, but between Health & Safety, Data Protection, Wrongful Arrest and a whole host of other Statutes, its not as unlikely as you might think.

Property Disputes

Whether with landlord, tenants, squatters, or developers.

Inland Revenue Disputes. Arguably the odd one out as it pays for Accountants fees to defend you (not solicitors). Some schemes allow you to use your own Accounts; others do not.

Contract Disputes

This funds disputes against suppliers and customers. Typically for disputes over £1,000 and sometimes with industry exclusions. As with all Legal Expenses covers, there has to be a reasonable (50%+) chance of success.

Debt Recovery

Pays for the recovery of monies owed, typically over £500.

Licence Disputes

Some insurers offer this option. It typically defends against a government regulator, so whether you run a pub with a late licence dispute or an MOT station, it could be useful to have.


These naturally vary between insurers (as do exclusions), but the main universals are...

  • Helpline. This is included, free, by all insurers. For Employment disputes, they need to be contacted at the start of any disciplinary procedure.
  • Notification. For contract, debt recovery and most others, its within 90 days.
  • Chance of success. This needs to be over 50%, as insurers will no more help you chase a lost cause than you would if you were uninsured.


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