Kidnap & Ransom

You probably think that this is for someone else, but do you or your team ever visit...

  • Afghanistan
  • Somalia
  • Iraq (so obvious, we haven’t listed the rest of the top 10 countries).
  • Pakistan
  • India
  • China
  • Less obvious...
  • USA (six major cities)
  • Europe (14 European countries with >$25m demanded)

There are many other countries where this is a frequent occurrence, and of course official statistics are generally unreliable (as most are not reported).

This is now a global issue.

Cover can include a whole range of options. Basic cover can be included under some Travel policies, or bespoke higher limits for companies or individuals, for Property, Product or Threat as well as Detention, Personal Accident or Hijack.

Cover can be extremely cost effective, but operates very differently to other covers.

Should you arrange cover; it should be kept strictly confidential. Some insurers have a confidentiality clause in them as mentioning that you are well organised, and even have cover is asking for trouble and could make you a target. Knowledge of the cover should be on a strictly need to know basis.

Types of cover and extensions vary, from inner limits to pay security consultants to plan and negotiate, on the one hand to loss in transit ransom monies and personal accident following an insured incident.

Before travelling check...




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