Intellectual Property

This is a very under used type of cover. This is probably due to a combination of pitfalls being more common than realised and the specialist nature of the cover. We can help guide you through it.

A quick checklist will help you to see if you have any potential for concern

  • Do you have a Name, brand or website that you would wish to protect from copying or abuse?
  • Have you developed a unique way of making something, or applying something that could be copied?
  • Do you have any articles or documents that (whether private, or published in the public domain) might be copied?
  • Do you have, or have you provided any exclusive distribution rights?

Intellectual Property covers Trademarks, Patents Copyright.

But that’s not all. You might say that you could always walk away from a dispute. But what if someone alleged that your unique brand, process or design was actually infringing on theirs?

Cover can include a whole range of options including...

  • Pursuit
  • Defence
  • Awards
  • Contractual disputes & obligations

Premiums can be tailored by changing the limits, excess, jurisdictions and a whole range of options.




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