Consulting Engineers

We understand that consulting engineering covers an extensive range of areas, applications, technologies and disciplines.

At Buckland Harvester we have growing experience of a wide number of businesses from relatively small operators to large independents and PLCs.

We know to ask the right questions; so whether you are operating...

  • Advanced Manufacturing automation or Power System Protection
  • Project Management
  • Safe Systems for hazardous areas
  • Integrated Services or Specific areas such as generator control
  • HVAC or HVAC&R
  • Turn-Key or Design only
  • Mechanical or Electrical

We can advise you.

Does your current advisor know whether...

  • You need cover for sub contractors (do you)?
  • Your control work has any potential environmental impact?
  • You have any Intellectual Property exposure?
  • What you really do?

Have they offered you...

  • Free travel risk management & training?
  • Protection from HR mistakes from £350 p.a?
  • Special cover for Project Management?
  • Really Cost Effective cover with the Protection you need?

We’d like to.

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"Buckland Harvester aims to provide professional, added value services to promote successful and profitable long term relationships with our clients. We always endeavour to treat our clients fairly in all we do."

David Hudson
- Managing Director